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You can specify some runtime environments, such as node and npm. Field to prevent packages from being installed repeatedly. Specifies project dependencies, the value is the package name plus the version number. The config object can be used to configure the parameters of scripts, for example. If the git repository is on Github, using the npm docs command will redirect you to the repository page. Many packages have one or more executables that they want to install in the PATH. For most modules, it makes the most sense to have a main script and not much else.

  • Don’t be afraid to twist all the knobs & push the threshold & ratio high.
  • JSON can be used by all high level programming languages.
  • This can hint to the user that it may depend on something basic that is not available in the nodejs environment .
  • If the platform wishes to send no role information, it must still send the roles claim, but may leave the value of the roles claim array empty.

The values are the SHA-1 hash of the data at that path. Write this dictionary to the file manifest.json at the top level of the pass package.

Fields Contain Text Displayed On The Pass

Approximately one million German troops confronted a Soviet force over 2.5 million strong. The Soviets, well aware of the attack in advance and fully prepared for it, prevailed in the Battle of Kursk. The German government now publicly predicted the imminent capture of Moscow and convinced foreign correspondents of an impending Soviet collapse. On 13 October, the 3rd Panzer Group penetrated to within 140 km of the capital. Almost from the beginning of Operation Typhoon, however, the weather worsened. Temperatures fell while there was continued rainfall.

The ones that open in the proper format are labeled “Open Office Spreadsheet”. If so, try making a new version of the file that includes only a few lines and post it here.

By the beginning of September, Finland had restored its pre-Winter War borders. The 2nd Panzer Group crossed the Dnieper River and closed in on Smolensk from the south while the 3rd Panzer Group, after defeating the Soviet counterattack, closed on Smolensk from the north.

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It offers unlimited storage for files and images in your Google Drive. It is a preferable method because Google photos won’t compromise image quality even when you compress the image. Google Drive stores videos, files, and images by creating different versions of it. However, you can use Google Photos to back up photos using these three easy ways. So, that’s how you can make a TIFF file smaller by compressing, cropping, and reducing its resolution.